Environmental Statement

Integrated Communications Services is committed to being a good corporate citizen and environmentally responsible. This includes recycling, reducing scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gases and reducing the amount of waste produced.

As a structured cabling contractor the above goals are to be met by the following:

  • There is a large amount of cardboard involved in our operations. ICS has a cardboard recycling bin at our office. All cardboard is recycled, picked up monthly by Allied Waste. In some projects such as IBM, much of the materials are actually supplied by IBM and there is a cardboard recycling bin on sight which is used
  • There is always a small amount of scrap wire. All scrap wire is taken to a metal recycler and sold
  • All scrap plastics, aluminum (such as cans), paper, bulk mail are now being picked up by Allied Waste
  • All Recycling adheres to all state laws
  • Since ICS wired the EPA Campus, low VOM paint has been used to paint all backboards used in Telcom rooms. Because of the nature of our business the only Scope 1 gases are with the painting of the back boards and that is covered by the use of VOM paints.
  • In the ICS offices thermostats are set at 78 degrees in the summer and 65 degrees in the winter to save on Scope 2 gas emissions. ICS will be monitoring energy usage in our office and comparing energy used for the same time period during previous year. ICS will be changing out all lighting fixtures to become energy efficient. These results will be posted on our website on a annual basis.
  • With the exception of the thermostat all other procedures have been in place since 2000 as a part of the EPA contract.
  • ICS’s goal is 100% of all recyclable goods be recycled.
  • ICS have never received any fines or penalties for social or environmental actions but in the event that we did or if audited these results be posted on our website.
  • ICS sends out monthly emails to Management Team, Employees and Subcontractors discussing our recycling efforts. In our quarterly management meetings we will have our environmental updates.
  • ICS has sent the owner of the building a letter requesting his assistance in helping us with our goals and have asked for his written policy in regards to maintenance that he is responsible for. We will continue to work with him.
  • ICS’s Environmental Manager is Alan Riffe (ariffe@connectwithics.com). He is also the Safety Manager and has OSHA training with confined space training He will be responsible for insuring all environment goals are met and to access and changes that are needed. He is schedule to attend an environmental class for training and will continue to update his training.
  • Our main supplier for IBM is Anixter.

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